• Tim Challies | 3/23/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include some classics that are worth looking at. Wow. “We are undergoing an industrial revolution in shame. New technologies have radically expanded our ability to make and...
    682 views mel4
  • Tim Challies | 3/22/2019 | Staff
    Today I’m down in Louisville, Kentucky for the Boyce College’s Preview Day. We’ve already got one student thriving here, and with my daughter finishing up eleventh grade and beginning to think about...
    792 views Refel_4309
  • Tim Challies | 3/21/2019 | Staff
    I came up empty looking for new Kindle deals today. You may be interested in subscribing to Ligonier’s Tabletalk magazine and getting 12 months for just $12. Work - Colonialism Is Missionary Work...
    778 views Pink_sakuragirl
  • Tim Challies | 3/20/2019 | Staff
    It’s kind of a grab-bag day for Today’s Kindle deals. You may also want to check out this week’s deals at Westminster Books. Carl Trueman does it again. “The term ‘cultural Marxism’ has recently...
    397 views leeann77
  • Tim Challies | 3/19/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a few books from Zondervan and one for college students. Jared Wilson: “God forbids pastoral domineering but commands instead ‘being examples to the flock’ (1 Pet. 5:3).
    212 views lukea
  • Tim Challies | 3/18/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include several volumes in a biographical series from Crossway. Joe Carter reflects on the horror that unfolded in New Zealand. “The New Zealand shooter is an extreme example of...
    207 views sheenabeanna
  • Tim Challies | 3/16/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include some newer books and some classics. This has been a really good week for deals! Watch this fascinating visualization to see the changes in how couples have met over the...
    393 views amyc9948
  • Tim Challies | 3/15/2019 | Staff
    There are a few new Kindle deals that you may want to consider for your virtual connection. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this account of the search for the U.S.S.
    368 views Micaella
  • Tim Challies | 3/14/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include the whole Gospel for Life series from B&H. Transfer growth isn’t necessarily bad, but we sure don’t want to be content with only transfer growth.
    540 views kyleisawesome123
  • Tim Challies | 3/13/2019 | Staff
    Crossway has just released the ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible, and Westminster Books already has it on sale. Today’s Kindle deals include several books by Paul Washer as well as a few others.
    215 views liizu
  • Tim Challies | 3/12/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a whole load of books from Zondervan, many of which will appeal to those of you who are academically inclined. “Voting for the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) is...
    264 views adele2234
  • Tim Challies | 3/11/2019 | Staff
    As is typical for Mondays, there’s a nice little group of Kindle deals to work through, most of which are from Crossway. You’ve probably heard R.C. Sproul’s description of sin as cosmic treason.
    497 views kims
  • Tim Challies | 3/9/2019 | Staff
    There’s an eclectic collection of Kindle deals available today. “It has been said, the greatest tragedies are not those who pursued greatness and failed to reach it.
    978 views urbanagirl3
  • Tim Challies | 3/8/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of items. You may want to take a look at this week’s discounts from Westminster Books. They include a highly-praised book on the end times.
    231 views cindy95240
  • Tim Challies | 3/7/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals includes a must-read classic as well as some newer works. You’ll enjoy this video (as introduced by Chris Larson): “The friendship between John MacArthur and R.C.
    329 views Cayley1561
  • Tim Challies | 3/6/2019 | Staff
    I wasn’t able to track down any interesting Kindle deals today, but it has been a good couple of weeks, so I won’t complain. I’ll try again tomorrow. “We appear to have created a culture where the...
    655 views Kezzerxx
  • Tim Challies | 3/5/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a book by Horatius Bonar and a book by the Babylon Bee, among others. I’ve seen too many people look for fulfillment in ministry. So has Michael Kruger, I guess.
    513 views tiana_101
  • Tim Challies | 3/4/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include some good titles from Crossway (as well as another book or two). Also, The Good Book Company has a free e-book for you in exchange for your email address.
    334 views chicana948
  • Tim Challies | 3/2/2019 | Staff
    There are just a few Kindle deals to look at today. Also, Christian Audio has their free audio book of the month ready for download. This one will take a bit of time and concentration, but it’s...
    508 views darkkazune
  • Tim Challies | 3/1/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a reasonable selection of worthwhile titles. Logos has some a good free book of the month ready for you to grab. Westminster Books has a great sale on the New Studies in...
    394 views entengo
  • Tim Challies | 2/28/2019 | Staff
    It’s not much of a day for Kindle deals, so we will hope for better things tomorrow. Why is Dystopian Fiction Worth Reading? Time - Fiction - Genre - Care - Caution Maybe it’s time to read some...
    732 views KHALED
  • Tim Challies | 2/27/2019 | Staff
    There are a few Kindle deals for you to look through. Also, this week’s deals from Westminster Books include all kinds of great resources from Ligonier Ministries (and 3 free months of Tabletalk...
    377 views marika
  • Tim Challies | 2/26/2019 | Staff
    Thanks for putting up with me last week as I took a break from the daily articles. Unfortunately, I’m not doing a whole lot better, but will try to get at least three articles up through the course...
    482 views roxy2707
  • Tim Challies | 2/25/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include some solid books from Crossway (and a couple of others as well). This is a wonderful read. “And then please hear me when I say as graciously as I can: we Africans are...
    670 views moni
  • Tim Challies | 2/22/2019 | Staff
    Thanks for bearing with me through an article-less week. I hope to have some fresh content next week. But for now, I continue with the daily A La Carte. Westminster Books has deals on books for...
    482 views mel4
  • Tim Challies | 2/21/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of Bibles and a commentary. The search continues! “This article offers five ways to help your church avoid being added to a growing list of churches that had...
    413 views patriotXXforever
  • Tim Challies | 2/20/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include an eclectic little list of titles that may prove interesting. As always, you may find something that appeals in this week’s deals from Westminster Books.
    423 views Alenaaa
  • Tim Challies | 2/19/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a solid biography of Martin Luther and several other good books. What Was It Like to Pastor at 17? HB - Charles - Jr - Answer - God HB Charles Jr.
    283 views maddixxsammm25
  • Tim Challies | 2/18/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a few solid titles from Crossway. This is going to be an “A La Carte only” week at the blog. I finished up the first draft of a book last week and am in a lot of pain...
    256 views mel4
  • Tim Challies | 2/16/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include some classics and some newer works. If you’re looking for something even less expensive, you may want to browse through Nitoy Gonzalez’s latest roundup of free stuff.
    906 views princessmary1234
  • Tim Challies | 2/15/2019 | Staff
    I wasn’t able to track down any new Kindle deals, though there’s lots to sort through from the past week. However, Westminster Books has some new releases on sale, including John Piper’s new one as...
    475 views moni
  • Tim Challies | 2/14/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include some excellent resources on the local church. You’ll also find my little book Run to Win and a few from Reformation Heritage Books. “In the midst of efforts to reconcile...
    392 views shardonay
  • Tim Challies | 2/13/2019 | Staff
    There is, once again, a small list of Kindle deals to browse through. Yesterday I put out a little video about ESV Scripture Journals; shortly thereafter (and entirely coincidentally) they went on...
    411 views dewby
  • Tim Challies | 2/12/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include all kinds of books that are worth checking out. If you’ve going to be at the TGC conference in April, I’d love to see you for a Visual Theology breakout.
    182 views iVchan
  • Tim Challies | 2/11/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include several books about marriage, among them a personal favorite–Married for God. What inspiring story of aging with grace. “Culture tends to portray images of strong women...
    743 views hakimi308
  • Tim Challies | 2/9/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a few books that are worth considering. Chap Bettis: “There is something about knowing florists, card-makers, and restaurants make a killing off this self-declared...
    1.3K views stefania
  • Tim Challies | 2/8/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include just a couple of books–it has been a bit of a slow stretch! Westminster Books has begun a new feature where each month they’ll highlight and discount resources related...
    341 views Mireille
  • Tim Challies | 2/7/2019 | Staff
    I was glad to be a guest recently on the B.A.R. Podcast. You can hear that episode right here if you’re into podcasts. It’s okay to be average. “It is all too easy to assume that there is something...
    448 views malik778
  • Tim Challies | 2/6/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of solid books. Helpful! “Praise God for modern communication. A phone call is helpful and nice. But a voicemail will never replace pastoral visits, when you...
    316 views Matty123
  • Tim Challies | 2/5/2019 | Staff
    There are three solid picks in today’s Kindle deals. “Hey pastor, here’s some language I use to help my people understand how the gospel relates to our life together as a single congregation with a...
    433 views megzmegz123
  • Tim Challies | 2/4/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include just a few books (and a Bible). Usually Crossway has a nice list for us on Mondays, but it looks like maybe someone forgot to flip the switch this week! I realized as I...
    242 views MonkeyBubble
  • Tim Challies | 2/2/2019 | Staff
    There are so many Kindle deals today! If you use a Kindle at all, you’ll probably want to take a peek. (Yesterday on the blog: Mere Calvinism) Note: The paperback version quickly went out of stock...
    373 views hubbog
  • Tim Challies | 2/1/2019 | Staff
    There are lots of Kindle deals to kick off the new month (including my book Do More Better). Free from Christian Audio this month is my favorite recording of The Pilgrim’s Progress.
    354 views lhumara
  • Tim Challies | 1/31/2019 | Staff
    Good morning from ice-cold Canada. I have lived through a lot of Canadian winters, but I don’t ever remember one quite like this, with temperatures nearing -30 Celsius and just stubbornly staying...
    423 views jster97
  • Tim Challies | 1/30/2019 | Staff
    You may enjoy watching the new trailer for the forthcoming Puritan documentary. Also, Westminster Books has launched a nice new site and, to mark the occasion, has put some books on sale.
    539 views ajoy26
  • Tim Challies | 1/29/2019 | Staff
    I spent a few minutes hunting down some Kindle deals and did manage to find a handful of books and Bibles that may be of interest, including the Spurgeon Study Bible edited by Alistair Begg.
    339 views PinkPuffFairy
  • Tim Challies | 1/28/2019 | Staff
    You just can’t go wrong with any of today’s Kindle deals. At Westminster Books you’ll find some solid reading material meant for teens and young adults. Reminder: I’ve got a near-daily audio blog (i.
    252 views gracey_single
  • Tim Challies | 1/26/2019 | Staff
    There are a couple of classics in today’s list of Kindle deals. Please watch this short film. It will bless you. Pastors - Erik - Raymond - Dear - Brother Pastors need to read this one from Erik...
    913 views dewby
  • Tim Challies | 1/25/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include an excellent one from Alexander Strauch, a fascinating look at Christopher Hitchens, and more. I hope more and more people come to the conclusion that Hollywood is...
    761 views reantes
  • Tim Challies | 1/24/2019 | Staff
    There are a small number of Kindle deals to consider today, though overall it’s been a slow week so far. If I had written about the 10YearChallenge, I think it would have come out something like...
    633 views j.moomin

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