• TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Dustin Lynch, a Nashville native, seems like the kind of guy that is quite talented when it comes to music but for some reason over the years put it down to pick up other interests only to come back...
    347 views lukea
  • TVOvermind | 3/21/2012 | Tom
    Helen Hunt has been around for so long that it almost seems as though people forget about her just so they can remember her at times. But in all honesty she’s been one of the more wonderful parts of...
    298 views JimmyJoe
  • TVOvermind | 3/21/2012 | Tom
    Justin Long is the kind of guy you really want to see in comedy for the most part since he’s got a way about him that can allow drama to be a part of his repertoire, but he’s just so good when he’s...
    624 views Frost123
  • TVOvermind | 3/21/2012 | Tom
    You might think that being the younger sister of a famous actress like Dakota Fanning would make it difficult for someone like Elle Fanning to really make her mark in Hollywood, but the opposite...
    327 views Kota79
  • TVOvermind | 3/21/2012 | Tom
    You don’t see Joe Pesci a lot any more unless it’s special appearances or the occasional movie, but one thing is clear, he doesn’t need to show up all that often since he’s already a legend in the...
    508 views kring
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    If you don’t know who Deborah Cox is you might not be a big fan of R&B. That’s okay and all but seeing as how she started out as a backup singer for Celine Dion and has been an award-winning...
    156 views applekip
  • TVOvermind | 3/21/2012 | Tom
    With some actors it’s really hard to pick just a few movies out of their long and storied career to really celebrate, and with someone like Dan Aykroyd, who’s done so much in his life to this point...
    238 views n.king
  • TVOvermind | 3/21/2012 | Tom
    In recent years James Woods has been kind of a polarizing figure thanks to his comments and presence on social media, but during his movie career he’s been pretty solid and it’s easy enough to like...
    361 views Goobee
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