• The Gospel Coalition | 2/5/2020 | Justin Dillehay
    Editors’ note: Take part in TGC’s Read the Bible initiative, where we’re encouraging Christians and churches to read together through God’s Word in a year (PDF reading plan).
    290 views leeann77
  • Roger E. Olson | 8/20/2019 | Staff
    Could I Attend a Calvinist Church? Now, what do I mean by “evangelical?” This evangelical Calvinistic church preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ and holds up the Bible as the ultimate and final...
    465 views DebraS
  • Tim Challies | 3/25/2019 | Staff
    This week the blog is sponsored by The Good Book Company. Calvinism is a beautiful thing—when we Calvinists don’t ruin it. Calvinism - Fiery - Calvinists - Cure - Cruelty For too long Calvinism has...
    308 views loranseen
  • The Gospel Coalition | 12/22/2018 | Staff
    How does a mom, who believes that God is sovereign over salvation, find any hope for her children? How does she not live in fear about the state of their souls every day? If only those chosen by God...
    1.4K views applecan
  • The Aquila Report | 1/26/2018 | Staff
    Calvinism is inconsistent, for example, with the emotionally manipulative methods created by revivalists such as Charles Finney. But these manipulative methods are themselves inconsistent with...
    436 views Matty123
  • Tim Challies | 10/3/2017 | Staff
    In some ways it seems like the New Calvinism has been around for a very long time. In other ways, it seems like it’s still a brand new thing. Whatever the case, it has lasted enough now that people...
    250 views marked
  • The Heidelblog | 8/9/2017 | Staff
    Comments are welcome but must observe the moral law. Comments that are profane, deny the gospel, advance positions contrary to the Reformed confession, or irritate the management...
    400 views finter
  • The Aquila Report | 4/1/2017 | Staff
    “Ben Franklin would famously grow skeptical about his father’s faith, but in many ways that faith—and its emphasis on the need for public morality and charity—would continue to mark Franklin’s own...
    370 views tanikaki
  • slacktivist | 3/11/2017 | Fred Clark
    With a foot of snow forecast for our region, the Big Box probably won’t be selling a lot of patio furniture this week. But it’s March, so the new models are all out on display.
    571 views cobra662
  • First Things | 7/10/2014 | John Murdock
    With today’s environmentalist standard-bearers hailing from Hollywood and the political left, it is tempting to see the environmental movement as a Trojan Horse for liberalism, pantheism, and all...
    515 views EGFZE
  • First Things | 6/19/2015 | Peter J. Leithart
    Whatever their later American heirs thought of alcoholic beverages, the Reformers were lovers of beer and wine. For Luther, that goes without saying. Gisela Kreglinger shows (Spirituality of Wine)...
    208 views iloveangie02

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