• LifeWay Pastors | 12/15/2017 | LifeWay | Pastors
    Alistair Begg, ed. Holman Bible Publishers, 2017. 1,840pp. Charles - Spurgeon - Prince - Preachers - Voice Charles Spurgeon, or maybe more affectionately known as “the Prince of Preachers,”...
    424 views crazycool12
  • SheLoves Magazine | 12/15/2017 | sheloves
    I sat cross-legged on the bathroom floor, ratty college Bible in hand. A white coat hung on the back of door like a reminder we both wanted to forget. I poured over verse after verse, speaking them...
    396 views Tanya9
  • | 12/14/2017 | Staff
    The Atheist Christmas Coloring Book is a creative way for children of all ages to learn about the rational roots of Christmas in pictures and rhyme. A secular Christmas coloring book for atheists,...
    242 views Alenaaa
  • SheLoves Magazine | 12/14/2017 | Leah Abraham
    I let my friends cut my bangs last year. It wasn’t a cry for help or an emotional breakdown. Friends - Girls - Night - Bangs - Stylist Rather, I was complaining to my friends during a girls night...
    185 views cute16
  • Phil Cooke | 12/12/2017 | Staff
    I’m very proud to introduce my latest book, co-written with my long time friend Jonathan Bock: “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get it Back.
    766 views srqlolo
  • The Gospel Coalition | 12/11/2017 | Staff
    “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” offer gospel-centered argument and application; Include - Faithful - Use -...
    216 views Frost123
  • Euangelion | 12/11/2017 | Staff
    Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2017. Ryan O’Dowd may be known to readers as the co-author with Craig Bartholomew of a useful survey of OT wisdom literature (2011). Here in this commentary on Proverbs, we...
    357 views stefania
  • Business Insider | 12/9/2017 | Alice Howarth, Evening Standard
    Flymble will let you book a flight and pay it off over monthly installments. With a small service fee upfront and no massive interest rates. People - Flight - Bill They aim to help people who have...
    367 views cute16
  • SheLoves Magazine | 12/5/2017 | Kathy Escobar
    I’m a fast person. I type fast. I walk fast. I talk fast. I get tasks done fast. I’m just not a tortoise; I’m definitely a hare. My husband, Jose, always teases me that I can do the same task as him...
    213 views idkwatitis
  • SheLoves Magazine | 12/3/2017 | Tasha Burgoyne
    The sky was cluttered with autumn leaves like flying fairies set free that morning. They fell from the places where they had been previously huddled together on their own branched bubbles of gold,...
    1.3K views gracey_single
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