• Cranach | 7/17/2019 | Staff
    When we were raising our children, there were some words that we did not allow to be spoken in our house. One was the F-word: “Fair.” As in, “That’s not fair that he gets to go to bed later than I...
    870 views hey13
  • phys.org | 1/9/2015 | Staff
    Six different colour morphs of the elusive Asiatic golden cat have been discovered in Northeast India—with the findings being hailed as "an evolutionary puzzle—as the world's greatest number of...
    420 views joseph76
  • phys.org | 5/22/2019 | Staff
    Giant petrels will be "temporary" winners from the effects of climate change in the Antarctic region—but males and females will benefit in very different ways, a new study shows.
    401 views melanie7
  • The Aquila Report | 6/8/2019 | Staff
    So many things come and go in the life of a family. Sports. Clubs. Events. Trips. Vacations. The constant that can help keep your family focused, might just be a regular time in God’s Word where you...
    249 views eymira
  • Mail Online | 6/4/2019 | Emilia Mazza;Michelle Cheng For Daily Mail Australia
    They say 'summer bodies are made in winter' - but finding the motivation to get out of a warm bed and exercise outdoors can be a challenge. However, doing so can reap a surprising number of benefits...
    539 views Kota79
  • The Aquila Report | 5/28/2019 | Staff
    Justification consists in more than the forgiveness of sins. For if we are “only” forgiven for our sins, we still have not realized the requirements for eternal life, as laid out in God’s law.
    335 views shankay

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