• First Things | 1/9/2017 | Cole S. Aronson
    A reflection on the weekly Torah portion. Love and awe: the religious mind is bent toward God in these two ways. A remark in Nachmanides’s introduction to Deuteronomy (Nachmanides was a 13th-century...
    342 views iceyy
  • Townhall | 7/19/2019 | Staff
    Is Corporate America Selling Out Our Country? President Donald Trump delivered a haymaker to the bully freshman House of Representative class of Democrats when he told them to shut up or get out.
    258 views hubbog
  • www.christianpost.com | 6/15/2019 | Staff
    Facebook Twitter Email Menu Comment Those who don’t regularly come into contact with autism may not understand the nuances and blessings that come with the day-to-day routines it brings.
    1.6K views Refel_4309
  • Godspacelight | 6/4/2019 | Staff
    Mother’s day weekend gave me a chance to sit in awe and wonder as we cued up old family videos. My babies were captured on the screen, frozen in the mid 1990s—bright eyes, white blond hair, tiny...
    849 views InLove4567
  • Godspacelight | 5/28/2019 | Staff
    Ideas often pop up unexpectedly for an artist. Experimenting with a color that just doesn’t work might lead to an unsuccessful painting but suddenly – a ‘light bulb’ moment occurs and wonder of...
    429 views kims
  • Godspacelight | 5/21/2019 | Staff
    As Christine Aroney-Sine reminds us in her most recent book The Gift of Wonder: Creative Practices for Delighting in God, God can be found in the most creative and often unusual places if we simply...
    742 views Omnista
  • Godspacelight | 5/20/2019 | Staff
    This week has overflowed with awe and wonder for me because in the appreciation of creativity, I have encountered my Creator in a very special and intimate way. Creativity is not just all around us.
    237 views Omnista
  • Godspacelight | 5/15/2019 | Staff
    By Corrine Lund — Sometimes I think that awe and wonder are similar in the eyes and mind of a seven year old as they must have been with our Creator God when our home planet began to take shape.
    225 views Mandyixus
  • godspacelight.com | 5/14/2019 | Staff
    Reflection awe has seized my spirit recently during the Lenten season. The sunrise reflection was on my morning walk Saturday and the other about 4 weeks ago on a get away day to a...
    196 views boti
  • godspacelight.com | 5/11/2019 | Staff
    Have you had your dose of awe and wonder this week. Here are a few that I have seen or else had sent to me. I love this sketch “beauty from rocky ground” that Janet Sue Smith sent me.
    698 views maddyb7
  • Godspacelight | 5/9/2019 | Staff
    Meditation Monday - Living To A Sustainable RhythmIn “life” How Do You Respond to The Gift of WonderIn “Gift of Wonder” Unexpected - ThingsIn - Gift - Wonder Awed By Unexpected ThingsIn “Gift of...
    249 views Aavy
  • Godspacelight | 5/8/2019 | Staff
    Slowly. Attentively. Without rush or hurry. One foot placed gently after the other, leaving a single line of prints on the shore. Waves slide over the sand like soft blue bed sheets and leave frothy...
    570 views bethtetley
  • Godspacelight | 5/2/2019 | Staff
    There is a phrase that makes me smile. When the words tumble out of my mouth, I can see my husband laugh, shake his head and for the thousandth time sigh and respond, “I don’t know!”.
    358 views Mireille
  • Godspacelight | 4/25/2019 | Staff
    Have you had your dose of awe and wonder today? Some are taking up the challenge though others tell me they just don’t have time for it. (how sad is that). So to whet your appetite here are a couple...
    264 views fofo
  • Godspacelight | 4/23/2019 | Staff
    A daily dose of awe and wonder makes us more compassionate and caring people. Unfortunately the research suggests that we live in an awe deprived world. So what can we read to help us? Here is a...
    882 views marisha
  • Godspacelight | 4/16/2019 | Staff
    It’s Holy Week. Jesus is getting ready – not for the cross but for resurrection. “For the joy that was set before him” he willing planted the seed of his body so that walls could be broken down and...
    412 views TimHyuga

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