• IndieWire | 10/2/2019 | Christian Blauvelt
    Why does it feel like horror movies are always undervalued? One thing’s for certain: In this age of geekery reigning supreme, critics and academics no longer dismiss the genre as disreputable with...
    658 views gracey_single
  • E! Online | 8/24/2019 | Staff
    Year after year, the MTV VMAs always find a way to up the shock factor. This is, after all, the annual show that has gifted us with moments such as Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke, Kanye West...
    784 views cyanbyte
  • TVOvermind | 2/16/2016 | Benjamin Smith
    Ever since technology came to grace us with its presence, entertainment has evolved, and we now enjoy different games from the comfort of our homes. Mega Man Series has been at the top of keeping us...
    540 views samtetley
  • TVOvermind | 2/16/2016 | Tom
    If you try to tell people in this day and age about the Sega Dreamcast you might find that you’ll get a variety of responses ranging from ‘it was the best system ever’ to maniacal laughter followed...
    913 views penaert
  • TVOvermind | 2/16/2016 | Nat Berman
    Telltale Games has gone out of business. There is no single reason for this. Instead, there are a number of them, with examples ranging from high licensing fees to a loss of potential investors...
    667 views tictac399
  • TVOvermind | 2/8/2016 | Nat Berman
    Generally speaking, Asian superheroes haven’t received much prominence in western superhero comics. However, not much prominence isn’t the same as none whatsoever.
    466 views moni
  • TVOvermind | 3/21/2012 | Tom
    The thought of being at sea is, for some people, unbearable as there is little to no control over your surroundings. Imagine then being in a submarine below the waves, unable to go anywhere other...
    1.5K views echolea
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Formed in the 90s, Smash Mouth has gone through a lot of lineup changes with only a couple of members staying on the entire time. Quite a few of those that have come and gone have been touring...
    472 views penaert
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Jamey Johnson seems to a be person with a definite purpose in mind since by the time he went to college he was already a big music lover and was inspired by artists such as Alabama and Alan Jackson.
    157 views KHALED
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Bill Withers is an interesting individual since he didn’t go right into the music business when he was given a chance. He had a rather bad stutter when he was younger and din’t have a whole lot of...
    422 views idkwatitis
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Lecrae is a guy that early on in life didn’t have a lot of positive influences and took what he could learn from in order to grow and expand his mind. The only unfortunate thing is that this led him...
    152 views trainman
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    The name Lonestar definitely sounds a lot better than Texassee, as it just seems to roll off the tongue a little easier and doesn’t make it sound like the speaker is lisping uncontrollably.
    862 views cyanbyte
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    If you’re thinking that you’ve seen Tom Waits somewhere then you’re probably right since he’s been a part of the music industry and has also been in show business for quite some time.
    277 views newusr01
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Anita Baker didn’t have the easiest time since she was abandoned by her birth mother and then raised until the age of 12 by foster parents. When they passed away she was raised by her foster sister...
    451 views dorkyrocker
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    It’s kind of amusing how sometimes the rules that so many are told about when it comes to getting noticed aren’t followed and a diamond is found. Clay Walker started out at age 15 trying to perfect...
    560 views loranseen
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    One thing that Tesla never wanted to be known as was a glam metal band, as this wasn’t what they were and the group didn’t feel it described them in a useful way.
    395 views amyc9948
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Those of us that were teenagers in the 90s know at least a little bit about Limp Bizkit if not a lot and also know that during this time the band made their biggest impact since they came out...
    170 views PaMe
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    It took a while for Boz Scaggs to really develop a sound of his own that people liked but for a while it seems as though he was having success while performing with others as it might have been that...
    245 views fufu-fefe
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    If you want to know where Ricky Martin got his start in show business you’d have to look at the 11 commercials he did when he was younger and then the dogged persistence he showed when he was told...
    163 views trainman
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    It’d be interesting to know how many people really knew that Amy Grant was a Christian pop singer and not JUST a pop singer. There are those times when one listens to a song and just can’t tell if...
    567 views Mkgirlz
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    From all accounts it sounds as though Tanya Tucker’s career didn’t so much skyrocket when she was younger as it did kind of meander around until she proved that she could do something special.
    513 views tictac399
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    If you can recall that Colbie Caillat was rejected twice before ever reaching the stage for American Idol then you’ve done your homework. But you’ll also be likely to think that there are some true...
    365 views ashb0101
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    The band Sugar Ray made their debut in 1995 but it wouldn’t be until 1997 that they really started gaining recognition as something special. When they first came out a lot of us can probably recall...
    248 views marisha
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    The core of the band known as Dr. Hook consisted of three men that had played together in another band before this one, and decided that they would strike up another band after moving to New Jersey.
    461 views jollyjetta
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Etta James didn’t exactly have a good upbringing since she was abused for much of her young life and developed a kind of stage fright that made it hard to sing on demand.
    133 views hi09
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Owl City isn’t really a band as much as it is just one individual that came up with the idea to make music and has managed to do just that in a way that a lot of people saw as great and even worth...
    234 views Firefang
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    Men at Work was one of the quirkier bands of their era but there’s no denying that they were a lot of fun to listen to. They were the kind of band that nowadays you might sit and roll your eyes at...
    1.5K views Mireille
  • TVOvermind | 1/24/2016 | Tom
    It’s hard to be judicious when telling the tale of those that didn’t attempt to practice the same in their own time but it’s easy enough when you figure that they can no longer offer a rebuttal for...
    760 views jesse456

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