• Business Insider | 11/10/2017 | Tanya Dua
    A host of big media companies have come to a difficult realization — the enemy of the digital duopoly may be my new best friend. The duopoly, of course, is Facebook and Google, and, to battle its...
    326 views applecan
  • Business Insider | 10/18/2017 | Tanya Dua
    People are doing whatever they can to avoid TV ads. Fox wants to help them. The broadcaster has teamed up with the video tech company Innovid to bring new interactive ads to people's TV screens...
    324 views norma
  • Business Insider | 10/6/2017 | Mike Shields
    In 2016, Samsung was blowing up — quite literally. The phone maker was battling its biggest ever brand crisis, after defective Galaxy Note 7 smartphones began exploding around the world.
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  • Business Insider | 9/25/2017 | Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist
    Both Alphabet and Facebook have carefully worked at crafting their public images. Most people see these companies as forward-looking tech companies that are shaping our future through high-flying...
    117 views Aavy
  • Business Insider | 9/19/2017 | Tanya Dua
    Sports are as much about fandom and conversation as they are about watching games, and for a long time ESPN's hit show "SportsCenter" owned that conversation. Not only did it have a lockdown on all...
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  • Business Insider | 9/7/2017 | Tanya Dua
    Facebook on Wednesday said it had found evidence that fake accounts "likely operated out of Russia" purchased thousands of ads during the US presidential election designed to amplify divisive...
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