• TechCrunch | 1/9/2018 | Khaled "Tito" Hamze
    Today’s Stories Facebook is shutting down its standalone personal assistant “M” Notes Notes: I don’t know what to wear on Crunch Report (It’s a hard decision and I suck at dressing myself).
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  • www.whitehorseinn.org | 12/31/2017 | Staff
    How are we to think about the church’s relationship to the secular world? Are believers called to be so heavenly minded that they completely avoid worldly activity? Or are we called to be salt and...
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  • www.whitehorseinn.org | 12/24/2017 | Staff
    WHI-1394 | Joy to The World! When the angels appeared before the shepherds in Bethlehem, they came bringing a message of “good news” rather than tips for improving our life or the world around us.
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  • www.whitehorseinn.org | 12/17/2017 | Staff
    WHI-1393 | What Child Is This? “What child is this, who laid to rest, on Mary’s lap is sleeping?” This wonderful hymn reminds us every Christmas of the sublime mystery of the incarnation.
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  • www.whitehorseinn.org | 12/10/2017 | Staff
    How do the angelic announcements of Mary’s conception and of the birth of Christ relate to the Old Testament promises concerning the coming messiah, and what do they reveal about Christ’s...
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