School's Stallion Mascot Slammed as 'Sexist'

Newsmax | 1/5/2017 | Staff
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A Kentucky high school has dumped its stallion mascot after being hammered with complaints that the studly animal symbol is sexist.

Frederick Douglass High School, a new school under construction in Fayette County, announced on Monday that a white stallion emblazoned in orange and green would be the emblem of its girls' and boys' sports teams.

Petition - Drive - Community - Activist - Change

But a petition drive launched by a community activist on demanded the image be dropped because it was "inappropriate and sexist."

It referred to the definition of stallion as "a male horse that has not been castrated, used for breeding or is slang for a powerful and virile man who has a lot of lovers" and noted the symbol would be worn by girls' sports teams.

Message - Send - Daughters - Granddaughters - Sons

"What message does this send to our daughters and granddaughters? Our sons and grandsons?" the petition stated.

One signer commented: "Any reference to dominant male power and sexual prowess is outrageously discriminatory toward female students who are already having to deal with sexually aggressive boys during classes, in hallways,...
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  • Nope cant have masculinity or virility, boys, mens must be pussified personified as most fami-nazis want women to be. Wait, so virility is not a good thing or lots of lovers? WOW, when did the left stop slutting girls and throwing condoms at them? I bet many of these left wing loons voted for the enabling wife of a serial rapist Billary Klit'n for president!!!... It is truly amazing, I grew up in the south Bronx in NYC in a Italian neighborhood. We did not pussify boys. WE new that feminism existed to allow ugly hefty women access to society...Real women dont need fema nazis to tell them what to do. To murder their unborn. I have worked in public education and see what pervs and lefties and what morons public school teachers are. Every perv that was arrested out of Public Schools was a liberal with a agenda...Public education is a joke and only lazy parents would dump their kids off in public school every day. Home schooling raises kids ith intelligence, a code of ethics and morals and with God. Liberals support a women banging as much as she wants, kill the fetus and thats good? But a stallion is bad? lol Maybe they should have planned murderhood as their mascot... Liberalism is a mental disorder..
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    I agree with you 100% @bluepastry  people need to get their heads screwed on straight, instead of spouting this garbage!
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