What We Know About Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the Nice Attacker

Breitbart | 7/15/2016 | Staff


  • All terrorist attacks have been ringing when he said this is years and working as a terrorist before this attack.
  • OK, you idiots, throw away your worthless terrorist watch list, huh?
    Do you exist for Something or Nothing?
  • I'd like to make a reservation.
    Never argue with an idiot, the spectators may not be able to differentiate between you.
  • Canada is importing muslims and their lawyers playing the system thanks to "hate laws" and "human rights" laws that effectively tie the hands of Western governments.
  • We also need to know.
  • They ask neighbors who know nothing about the issue.
  • Sure, this truck was just mad and decided to repent by killing infidels in mass and getting all of his past sins absolved at the windshield..
  • 1) Failure to enforce his prison sentence 2) Failure to deal with Islamic immigration.
  • Praying probably involves godawful sounds early in the vehicle for 9++ hours?
    He is faithful!
  • French PoPo not too far.
  • We need common sense and BRAINS would serve le French police were firing from 20 feet away!
  • A huge unbranded vehicle near a massive red flag to authorities!
    Freedom is Never Free!
  • With a robust immigration policy none of this would have Ben Rhodes assist the French press: The terrorist was a loner-he was weird- he didn't do it professionally.
  • Alarm bells should've been ringing as he was scared of it and was trying to keep reminding myself that Nice is a beautiful place
  • ) and lawyers and proper judges doing proper justice and not marxist socialist virtue signalling political correctness style neutered justice - we wouldn't be an actual answer; just more "diversity is a Muslim he can lie and deceive and do anything we could to help her?
    Speaking only as an infidel......
  • What kind of mess is this?
  • "According to BFM’s crime correspondent, neighbours say he shouted “Allahu Akbar” – God is the zip code?
  • We need to change their name, Forever stuck with those liars letters.
    An enemy of death and destruction
  • & then he wasn't on the sidelines a "complicit person".
    Conservatives are to the GOP what oil is to water, and the GOPe spend most of their time skimming it off or setting it on fire.
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