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The first playable moments of Far Cry 5 are a chase—but you're the one being pursued. You're a nameless, silent police deputy fleeing from radical doomsday cultists who intend to gun you down. Feet pounding through the woods of rural Montana, you run, bullets whizzing past your head as you barely manage to escape.

As I did this, I noticed something peculiar. While the intensity of the music and the scene's framing never changed, eventually my character stopped taking damage, and the semicircles on the screen indicating enemy attention faded. I stopped running. Nothing happened. I waited for my health to recharge, and I walked, calmly and serenely, away from a threat that didn't exist. The danger, it turned out, was just an illusion.

Videogames - Trickery - Truism - Game - Design

Videogames are rife with trickery. It's a known truism of game design that if the player doesn't need to see it, it probably doesn't exist. Buildings in the background don't have roofs; the floor only extends to the final reachable hallway; there's no grass, green or otherwise, on the other side of the fence. What matters is only what's visible. The rest is a magic trick, all smoke and mirrors.

But Far Cry 5 is a game full of more trickery than most. It's built on malignant illusions that are meant to confound you, but serve only to rob the game of both drama and substance. In every game, the experience only holds up as far as you can see it. In Far Cry 5, the experience doesn't even hold up that far.

Hate - First-Person - Shooters - Titanfall

Hate First-Person Shooters? Even You Will Love Titanfall. Seriously.

Far Cry 5, like its predecessors, is a game about fighting across wide outdoor spaces, reclaiming a lush and beautiful place through a series of pitched gunfights. It's battle tourism. But unlike earlier games, which took place in the...
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