Two sub-Jovian exoplanets orbiting bright stars discovered | 3/19/2018 | Staff
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Left: Calibrated K2 photometry for HD 89345 (top), with vertical ticks indicating the locations of the transits, and phase-folded photometry and best-fit light curve model (bottom). Right: Same, but for HD 286123. Credit: Yu et al., 2018.

Using NASA's prolonged Kepler mission, known as K2, astronomers have identified two new gas giant exoplanets. The newly found alien worlds, designated HD 89345 b and HD 286123 b, are warm, low-density sub-Jovian planets circling bright stars. The finding is detailed in a paper published March 9 on

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HD 89345 and HD 286123 stars were observed by K2 during the spacecraft's Campaign 13 and 14 between March and August 2017. K2 is a repurposed mission of the Kepler spacecraft to perform high-precision photometry of selected fields in the ecliptic, following the failure of two reaction wheels in 2013. Since then, the revived Kepler spacecraft has detected over 300 extrasolar worlds.

K2 allowed a team of astronomers led by Liang Yu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to detect transit signals in the light curves of HD 89345 and HD 286123. Planetary nature of these signals was later confirmed by photometric and spectroscopic observations utilizing various ground-based telescopes.

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"We report the discovery of two planets transiting the bright stars HD 89345 (EPIC 248777106, V = 9.376, K = 7.721) in K2 Campaign 14 and HD 286123 (EPIC 247098361, V = 9.822, K = 8.434) in K2 Campaign 13," the researchers wrote in the paper.

With a mass of only 0.1 Jupiter masses and a radius of about 0.61 Jupiter radii, HD 89345 b was classified as a sub-Saturn planet. Its host is a 5.3-billion-year-old star of spectral type of G5V-G6V, 66 percent larger and 22 percent more massive than the sun, located some 413 light years away. The star has an effective temperature of 5,609 K and...
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