‘A Quiet Place’ Review: John Krasinski Delivers A Majorly Effective Monster Movie

/Film | 3/10/2018 | Meredith Borders
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When one sense goes, the others are more heightened. It’s the pretty simple foundation on which A Quiet Place is built, a largely dialogue-free film in which every sight, every texture, every movement lands harder than it would in a noisier picture. Director John Krasinski crafts a new and unusual monster movie, featuring creatures that are much gnarlier than you’re probably expecting from an intimate festival entry by the filmmaker behind Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

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Day - Opening - Title - Card - Family

It’s Day 89, the opening title card tells us, but of what we’re still not certain. A family (Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds) move soundlessly through an abandoned city to the remote plantation they’ve made into their home. We start to realize that all this silence is in service of something: they’re in mortal fear of spindly, lethal beasts that seem to be hidden all around them, monsters that are hyper-sensitive to sound. One wrong move, one sudden crash, and the creatures appear in seconds, enraged and impossibly fast.

While always crucial, sound design has rarely mattered more in a film. The family remains barefoot so as to avoid the clicking of heels on hard floors, and instead in the quiet we hear the padding of their feet. They play Monopoly with hand-made pieces, soft felt figures that hiss across the board. Wind whispering through trees, a snapping twig, the subtle currents of breath moving on the air – tiny auditory details we’d never normally notice are now impossible to ignore. A Quiet Place also creates an uncomfortable awareness of audience – coughs and shuffling rang out in our theater, which soon only grew louder with nervous giggles, followed by startled shrieks.

A - Place - Krasinki

Because A Quiet Place is, above all else, really scary. Krasinki plays with...
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