Braniff and the Deer Hunter | 2/10/2018 | Lee Cary
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In the early 1980s, Braniff Airlines struggled to stay solvent, and then went bankrupt. It was a field day for lawyers.

An Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) sat in the packed federal courthouse gallery, and later told the story.

Room - Plaintiff - Attorneys

“I looked around and realized I was sitting in a room full of plaintiff attorneys,” he said.

It was a complex case that addressed whether the Braniff employees’ pension fund was improperly used by senior executives in their futile attempt to avoid bankruptcy.

AUSA - Case - Jury - Arguments - Attorneys

The AUSA said, “It was such a complicated case that the jury couldn’t follow the arguments made by the attorneys on either side. So, no one was convicted of anything.”

Meanwhile, just down the hall, Federal Judge Sarah Hughes – the person who administered the oath of office to new President Lyndon Johnson in the plane that carried John Kennedy’s body back to Washington, D.C. – conducted, as a retired senior judge late in life, the trial of a man accused of poaching deer on federal property.

Deer - Hunter - Months - Jail

The deer hunter was sentenced to six months in jail.

That the source of the story, the AUSA, saw irony in the outcome of the juxtaposed litigations was obvious in his telling of it.

House - Member - Trey - Gowdy - Steadfast

Despite soon-to-be-retired House member Trey Gowdy’s steadfast and repeated endorsement of the integrity of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, and Mueller’s continuing inquiry into how Russians influenced the 2016 election, more than a few Americans – maybe even more than half of those paying attention – have concluded that the nation is being subjected to one long, continuing, Swamp-produced soap opera. One trigger by a fraud (The Steele Dossier), perpetuated by politicized federal bureaucrats (the cabal of a dozen or so senior FBI Trump Haters), and chronicled daily by a talking-parrot head media overwhelmingly and passionately hostile to the President of the United States.

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