Aborting Humanae Vitae: How Can the Church Deal with the Bergoglian Quantum Leap?

The Remnant Newspaper | 2/3/2018 | Christopher A. Ferrara
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An analogy to atomic physics struck me as helpful in assessing the effects of the Bergoglian quantum leap. When an electron orbiting a nucleus makes a quantum leap (a transition to a higher definite energy level) its distance from the nucleus increases, the attraction of the nucleus weakens, and the atom becomes less stable, meaning more likely to combine with surrounding atoms by way of ionization. When ionization occurs, a new stable electron configuration is reached.

By analogy, the Bergoglian quantum leap is inducing the human element of the Church to reach a different “energy” level with respect to the nucleus of Tradition, moving even further away from the nucleus than it was at the previous energy level, thereby reaching a new level of instability and thus even greater susceptibility to being combined with worldly thinking in a more “stable” absorption into the world. If we pursue the analogy in terms of quantum mechanics, the theology of this Pope can be likened to electrons existing in superposed energy states at the same time, both higher and lower, but with the probability distribution always favoring the quantum leap to a higher, less stable, energy state, and by analogy a greater distance from the nucleus of Tradition, in any measurement of the macro outcome.

Quantum - Leap - Question - Attack - Law

The quantum leap in question is an attack on the natural law, particularly with respect to the Sixth Commandment, of which there was not a hint in the pronouncements of Bergoglio’s immediate predecessors at the lower “energy” state of the ecclesial crisis, when the human element of the Church was closer to the nucleus of Tradition. There is, in this respect, a fundamental discontinuity between Bergoglio and his immediate predecessors, even if the conciliar Popes had introduced an already unprecedented state of ecclesial instability.

To carry the physics analogy even further,...
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