More Cutting the ****: Humanae Vitae | 1/15/2018 | Ann Barnhardt
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ADULT CONCEPTS DISCUSSED BLUNTLY HEREIN. No innocent children, and you probably ought to put out the cat, just to be safe.

The thoroughly on fleek Diane Montagna, the new go-to source for breaking news in Rome, broke the news last week that Antipope Bergoglio’s Freemasonic-sodomite henchmen have officially declared contraception to be not just morally licit, but “required” in some circumstances, specifically citing Antipope Bergoglio’s satanic screed, Amoris Latitiae (“the exuberance of sodomy“) as the justification.

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Some people are puzzled as to why Antipope Bergoglio is going after Humanae Vitae and the whole contraception issue when the only people left who assent to and follow the Church’s infallible teaching on contraception as being mortally sinful always and everywhere are a microscopic handful of Traditional Catholics that are openly derided as insane and as bad or worse than the Taliban. The number of even so-called “conservative” Novus Ordo Catholics that are sound on the question of contraception is so minuscule as to be justly described as “epsilon above zero”. 98+% of “catholics” today contracept or did contracept during their fertile years, and openly reject the notion that contraception is sinful. Many were EXPLICITLY TOLD by priests, oftentimes in the Sacrament of Confession, that contraception was not sinful, that “Rome is wrong”, and that it is a “matter of conscience”.

At this point, it bears reminding one and all that the motto and creed of satanism is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” You do realize that this is EXACTLY what Antipope Bergoglio’s entire satanic anti-church is built upon, yes? The primacy of individual conscience? The explicit denial of objective good, objective truth and the denial of objective moral norms? It is nothing less than the deification of man, which is the entire premise of Freemasonry, and which inevitably leads...
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