Inscriptions on Song Dynasty Tombs Narrate the Captivating Tale of an Ancient Chinese Couple

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Gold was referred to by the Pre-Columbian ancient South American cultures as ‘**** of the Sun’ and ‘Sweat of the Sun’ but in that continent, where it was so abundantly available, it held no intrinsic material value. It did have, however, great spiritual significance because its malleable but indestructible properties were perceived as being ‘from’ the Sun. As such, gold was regarded as a conduit with the Sun god. After being melted and blended with other metals to alter its color for various rituals, it was crafted into ornate offerings, masks, statues, and jewelry, then hurled into sacred lakes and lagoons, in vast tonnages.

On the flip side, in western materialistic cultures, where the attainment of riches in this life is deemed more important that assuring safe passage into the next, gold is sought after more than any other substance - but it is given no spiritual value whatsoever. These fundamentally different outlooks on gold led to global upheaval in the 16th century, when Spanish warmongers, flying the flag of God, arrived in South America and unfolded a brutal gold collection operation which was fronted by waves of continent-wide genocide. Tens of millions of indigenous people were slaughtered.

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Two and a half centuries later, gold-hungry Europeans were still running around the Americas slavering at the idea of finding gold. And it happened! The famous California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, when James W. Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. The news attracted over 300,000 prospectors to the state. At the beginning of the Gold Rush it really was the wild, wild west, as no laws existed regarding property rights in the goldfields. Therefore, entire indigenous societies with heritage going back 13,000 years were attacked and driven off their...
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