Was Jesus a Wesleyan?

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As a Baptist, you are probably surprised that I would even ask a question like this, or alternatively, you might assume that I’d ask it only to answer quickly in the negative. But I’d rather take a bit more time to get beyond the obvious surface-level response – “no, of course not – Wesley may have been a Jesusian, but the reverse makes no chronological sense whatsoever!”

Sure, but when Richard Beck posted about Jesus and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, he wasn’t asking whether Jesus knew John Wesley’s later idea supernaturally, nor was he getting his historical order badly mixed up. Here is what he wrote, which clarifies his point:

Experience - Tool - Matthew - Jesus - Enters

Jesus…used human experience as a hermeneutical and theological tool. In Matthew 12 Jesus enters a synagogue on the Sabbath and finds a man with a withered hand. The way the Pharisees interpreted the Sabbath laws prohibited Jesus from healing the man.

But Jesus disagrees, and he makes an appeal to human experience to argue for a different hermeneutical approach to Sabbath keeping. Jesus doesn’t appeal to Scripture or tradition, he asks a question about how something would feel.

Jesus - Sheep - Yours - Ditch - Sabbath

“How many of you,” Jesus asks, “if a sheep of yours fell into a ditch on the Sabbath, wouldn’t pull it out?”

Jesus asks the Pharisees to imaginatively place themselves in this situation, asking them to consult their feelings, experiences and reactions. Jesus expects...
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