We’re Sick and Tired of Sanctimonious Liberal Hypocrisy

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 1/12/2018 | George Prayias
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RUSH: See, this is the kind of ****. Senator Feinstein: “Trump wants us back to a white society.” Trump said all this, supposedly, in private, folks. He’s not out there saying this publicly, and even two Republicans senators are saying they didn’t hear him say it. David Perdue and Tom Cotton say they didn’t hear him say it. Dick Durbin says he did. Well, you give me a choice, Dick Durbin or Tom Cotton? It’s no contest. Sorry.

Some Drive-Bys are reporting that Trump is reveling in the controversy. He’s loving the fact that he’s got ’em so stirred up. I don’t know about that. But all I can tell you is I have been there. I have been in the midst of these kind of firestorms, folks, and I can tell you that this is all faux rage. It is faux anger. It is faux outrage. It is made up. It is for the cameras. It’s for the microphones. It’s for the audience.

Presumption - Trump - Straw - People - Opportunity

It’s based on the presumption that virtually everybody finds Trump reprehensible and always has, and this is just the final straw. And I don’t believe that these people are sincerely outraged. They are sincerely excited because it is yet (what they believe) another opportunity to get rid of Trump. They need to consult history. The NBC Access Hollywood Video didn’t do it. Trump’s remarks when he announced his candidacy didn’t do it.

They, to this day, do not know why Trump is popular. They, to this day, do not know why Trump was elected. They think they do, and they chalk it up to, “Well, there must be more bigots in America than we thought. There must be more racists in America than we thought.” They’re still in a massive state of denial, and I think they are becoming...
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