CBS Comedy: Religion Full of 'Ancient, Pointless Rules,' Designed to Make You 'Feel Bad'

NewsBusters | 1/12/2018 | Staff
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If you’ve ever watched The Big Bang Theory or its new spin-off Young Sheldon, you already know that both shows love to remind viewers how much main character Sheldon doesn’t believe in God and likes to bash Christianity. But just in case you missed the 5,924,835 references that came before, Thursday night’s episode of Young Sheldon, “Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers,” made sure to remind everyone once again.

The episode kicks off with young Sheldon (Iain Armitage) playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends Tam (Ryan Phuong) and Billy. Sheldon’s mom Mary (Zoe Perry) walks in and is shocked to discover that the game contains demons and the Devil.

Mary - Sheldon - Father - Grandmother - Meemaw

“I’m worried,” Mary later tells Sheldon’s father and grandmother “Meemaw” (Annie Potts). “There are incantations in this book to summon actual demons.” She talks to the other parents about it.

Billy’s father isn’t concerned about there being demonology in the game and it being against the teachings of their southern Baptist church as long as “nobody’s touchin’ nothin’” and “everybody’s got their trousers up.” He’s also happy that Billy has friends and isn’t “eating dirt and crabgrass anymore.” He then proceeds to hit on Mary. Typical caricature from Hollywood of the southern, mostly conservative and Christian state of Texas where the show takes place. Texans must all be naive, unintelligent, hypocritical “rednecks,” of course.

Mary - Pastor - Jeff - Matt - Hobby

Mary finally has Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) from the family’s church over to the house to discuss the issue. He tells them:

At a recent Young Baptist Leaders Conference, I attended a seminar on satanic leisure activities. And the important lesson is, rather than have a parent or authority figure take the offending game away, let God remove it, root and stem… Sheldon needs to start attending Sunday school. If he likes books with demons and devils, I've got one that...
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