Rune Jera, the Zoroastrian maiδ-yaar festival, and Epiphany

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The Zoroastrian maiδ-yaar “mid-year” festival, starts on December 31 and ends on or about January 4th. Maiδ-yaar ranks after Vernal Equinox, as the SECOND MOST FESTIVE and SACRED thanksgiving holiday in the Zoroastrian religious calendar.

The Avestan word yaar reminds us of a time that YEARS were counted by the passage of WINTERS. The time to celebrate maiδ-yaar corresponds very closely with the winter festivities of Yuletide in the Pagan Scandinavian Europe.

Importance - Maiδ-yaar - Holiday - Avestan - Texts

The importance of maiδ-yaar as “the second most important holiday” is cited throughout the ancient Avestan texts. We read in an Avestan ritual text: “In the case that a person does not celebrate “Maiδ-yaar,” he/she must be expelled from among the community of the Mazda worshippers.”

In the Avesta, the word yaar refers also to “auspicious, turning points during seasons, and cycle of time.” The six most sacred, religious holidays in ancient Zoroastrianism, known today as gahan-bár or “gatha banquets,” are called yaair.iia ratvö “sacred rituals/year round festivities” in the Avestan original.

Ancient - Germanic - Alphabet - Year - Cycle

In the ancient Germanic, mystic alphabet, rune *jērą “year, cycle of time, turning point(s),” has the same ancient Proto Indo European root as the Avestan yaar.

Andreas Nordberg suggests that (much like the Zoroastrian yaair.iia ratvö “sacred rituals/year round festivities,) the heathen Scandinavian calendar was also divided into auspicious, turning points, marked with festivals and religious gatherings such as Yuletide.

Rune - Jera - Timing - Harmony - Rhythms

Rune Jera teaches “right timing,” and to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature, and seasons of the year. Living in tune with nature was believed to result in happiness, abundance and plenty. An Old English rune...
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