5 Reasons You Should Binge-Watch ‘The Godfather’ On Netflix Right Now

The Federalist | 1/5/2018 | Nicole Russell
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This contains plot spoilers.

On January 1, Netflix finally earned its modest monthly cost in full, when it began streaming the iconic, award-winning trilogy, “The Godfather.” While older generations may know everything there is to know about the quotable mafia flick, millennials may have yet to bask in the glory of Marlon Brando’s mystifying role as “godfather” to an Italian-American family operating the “family business” in New York City.

Wan - Netflix - Chill - Weekend - Baby

Your significant other wanna “Netflix and chill”? Not this weekend, baby. You’re legit-binge-watching one of the greatest American mafia films of all time.

There are films dedicated to characters and films dedicated to plot, and a handful knock both out of the park. These do so with the same characters three times. The Godfather Trilogy is to the Italian-American mafia what “Citizen Kane” was to American politics. The story involves everything a good film or novel should: Sex, lies, murder, love, and loyalty. The trilogy manages to show just what you think the mob would do—on steroids. In other words, the plot remains just beyond the average moviegoer’s active imagination, which is part of its lasting appeal.

Godfather - Family - Patriarch - Don - Vito

In “The Godfather,” released in 1979, family patriarch Don Vito Corleone is shepherding his sons through the family business: organized crime. At first, Vito’s oldest, Sonny, takes over while other son Michael gets his hands dirty getting back at a drug lord for attempting to assassinate their father. As a result, he is forced to hide in Sicily, where he marries a woman who is subsequently killed in a car bombing. After Sonny is murdered, Michael returns to America to take over. He proves a vicious patriarch.

“The Godfather Part II,” released two years after the original, is said to be one of the best sequels of our time. It presents parallel dramas, prequel and sequel to the first....
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