Google's 'superhuman' AlphaZero AI becomes one of the best chess players in the world after learning the game from scratch in just FOUR HOURS

Mail Online | 12/7/2017 | Shivali Best;Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline
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Google's latest artificial intelligence, AlphaZero, has defeated one of the best chess programs in the world after learning the game from scratch in just four hours.

The 'superhuman' AlphaZero AI played 100 games against rival computer program Stockfish 8, and won or drew all of them.

AI - Work - Googe - DeepMind - Division

The AI is the work of Googe's DeepMind division, and is the latest in a series of incredible AI achievements by the company.

An earlier version of the machine, dubbed AlphaGo, was able to defeat the world's top human players of the Chinese board game Go.

Results - Achievement - Report - Researchers - Google

The results of the achievement were published in a report by researchers from Google's DeepMind in London this week.

They found that the technology could go up against a powerful chess software, that has been in development for nearly a decade, and still win.

Games - Stockfish - Google - AI - Rest

In 100 games played against Stockfish, Google's AI won 28 and drew the rest - after just four hours of training.

Writing in a research paper about the project, shared via the electronic print repository Arxiv, its authors said: 'AlphaZero achieved within 24 hours a superhuman level of play in the games of chess and shogi (Japanese chess) as well as Go, and convincingly defeated a world-champion program in each case.'

Chess - Engine - Championship

Stockfish 8, which was released in 2008, had previously won 2016's Top Chess Engine Championship.

The open source software has been beaten by another program, Komodo, in two major computer chess challenges.

Chess - Grandmaster - Googe - Victory

But one chess grandmaster was still impressed with Googe's victory.

'I always wondered how it would be if a superior species landed on Earth and showed us how they played chess,' Peter Heine Nielsen told the BBC. 'Now I know.'

AI - AI - Program - Elmo - Japanese

The AI was also able to beat an AI program called Elmo in the Japanese board game Shogi, after two hours of self-training.

It won 90 games, drew two and lost eight.

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