Monolithic Liberal Media Warns of Trump's FCC Aiding 'Media Consolidation'

NewsBusters | 11/21/2017 | Staff
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The Left is incessantly freaking about all sorts of things - about which very little freaking is actually necessary.

The Media is - by-and-large - the Left’s megaphone. About whatever the Left is freaking - you’ll find the Media freaking. Only louder, with many, MANY more outlets with which to amplify the freaking.

Advent - Internet - Number - Outlets - Media

The advent of the Internet - has exponentially increased the number of outlets through which the Media can freak. For instance: If you miss a particular MSNBC on-air freakout - fear not, on the Web it shall hang forever, just a couple of mouse clicks away.

And nigh every outlet generates all sorts of Web-only content - video, audio and written. For even more additional avenues for freaking.

Media - Outlet - Content - Delivery - Corporation

Each and every media outlet - is a multi-platform content delivery corporation.

The massive expansion afforded us all by the Internet - has allowed each and every outlet to be a one-stop-consolidation shop. They can each do TV, radio and print - all by their onesies.

Set - Eyeballs - Media - Company - Hundreds

For each and every set of eyeballs, it’s one consolidated media company - competing with hundreds of other consolidated media companies.

Shambling into this explosion of 21st Century, all-encompassing, limitless Media - is the federal government’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

FCC - Agency - Expanses - Executive - Branch

The FCC is allegedly an “independent” agency - though it actually exists within the expanses of the Executive Branch. And it is charged with regulating our communications.

But the FCC’s reasons for continuing to exist - have pretty much evaporated as the Internet expanded.

World - World - Wide - Web - Limitless

The world over which it lorded - was finite and flat. The World Wide Web - is round and limitless. The world is download digital - the FCC is an 8-track player.

So when the dinosaur FCC weighs in on one of its issues - it almost always looks REALLY out of time and place. Even when the Commission is...
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