Shot for Shot: Movie Scenes that inspired “Stranger Things” Season 2 by IMDB

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If you thought every scene in Stranger Things season 2 was unique then you’d better take another look. Granted the material is mostly original and doesn’t steal from anything. Well, there are references and Easter eggs aplenty, but the idea is entirely original in the sense that this show hasn’t been done before and it’s not a reboot. But a lot of the scenes in season 2 come off the inspiration to many other films.

Here are all the references:

Instance - Door - Opening - Phenomenon - Encounters

The instance in which the door opening shows the unexpected and unexplained phenomenon outside. For Close Encounters it’s the alien ship, for Will it’s the Upside Down come a-calling.

This is a little less obvious but it has to do with the coming of age and the attitude shown by the newcomer to the series, Dacre Montgomery.

Classroom - Scenes - Film - Mr - Clarke

Several of the classroom scenes can be attributed to this film, not the least of which involves Mr. Clarke.

The aerial camera angles are drawn from this film as you can watch the vehicles winding along the country roads.

Kind - Gim - Boys - Ghostbusters - Hopper

This was kind of a gimme since the boys are dressed up as Ghostbusters. But Hopper also replicates the mucous scene when he discovers that the trees seem to be rotting in a strange fashion.

The inspiration from this movie is seen when Eleven tunes the TV to static, which helps her to focus when she’s trying to find someone.

Eleven - Headband - Eyes - World

This is pretty thin but it’s when Eleven puts the headband over her eyes to shut out the world a little more.

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