Global Societies Moving at Exponential Speeds to One Destination! | 10/11/2017 | The Ignorant Fishermen
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We are going to be starting a series here at the IFB looking into the EXPONENTIAL growth and speed of our society in every facet pro and con. The present day in which we are living is moving at EXPONENTIAL speeds and there has never been a time in the 6000 year history of man in which our global society has moved this quickly. Our world and global society is moving and changing at the speed of a jet and billions are oblivious to where this jet is taking them (Rev. 6-19). With today's EXPONENTIAL rise of technology (satellites, GPS, the 24/7 global news media, You Tube, Google, Facebook, exponential stores of information and images, multitude of influential voices, I-Phones, super computers, internet etc... we are a present growing and traveling as a society at EXPONENTIAL rates and along with traveling at that supersonic speed comes mass deception at EXPONENTIAL levels which have fully corrupted our present world. Satan is more powerful than ever today and has at his demonic finger tips the power to corrupt and destroy billions within seconds (John 8:44).

However with this new accumulative knowledge came great pride and a new found dependency on technology, which opened the door to godless secularism and godless out right practice of progressive ideologies such as Darwinian evolution, Marxism and eugenics.

Society - Past - AD - AD - Speed

Society in the past from 1 AD to 1000 AD once moved at the speed of a horse and cart. As technology was slowly growing it was very limited to the masses of the world's inhabitants. As time progressed the world began to entered into an exploration age with advancements in ship building, weapons of war, print media, exploration and the discovery of the new world. With the expansion of this new age technological speeds began to slowly increase at faster...
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