Bill, Why did you throw my book in the trash? ...It Sucks! | 10/10/2017 | Dag Barkley
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Born beneath a loaf of ‘wry’ bread that took time to rise, Dag Barkley came into the world on the Fourth of July. A long-time patriot of the American flag-waving sort, his cartoons are about opening the eyes to what is happening in the world, one panel of sadly-true humor at a time.

Bill Maher, do you realize you are a complete, stupid, useful tool for the people you work for? In my reality, you are a nothing, little man with nothing but evil spouting from your mouth, you're not funny, you're pathetic. Actually, the only audience you have are the ones who think/don't just like you. Get off your pedestal and come down here with us ordinaries and see the TRUTH of how funny you think you are. Personally, little dude, I wouldn't spit on you if you were on should be.

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There were those who tried to inform the public before his first election, but the main stream media mocked them. As for his followers , his history was too complicated for them to follow and believe. They allowed the media to create Obama into who they wanted.

A person does have to wonder if those who are pushing back against everything this nation has stood for for the previous over 200 years realize that they are actually carrying out the objectives of the Communist Party.Those who have escaped from Communism see the current conduct of those who call themselves Americans but are systematically attacking even the history of this nation and those who escaped Communism and adopted this nation and dearly love this nation are now seeing the same acts of those whom they thought they had escaped being carried out here and they are terrified.It is high time that those who call themselves Americans learned that which made...
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