The 411 On The Bump Stocks Everyone’s Talking About After Las Vegas

The Federalist | 10/9/2017 | Rebekah Curtis
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“Bump stock” is the word of the week following the reprehensible shooting in Las Vegas. Here’s a guide to the trending gun topics.

What Is Bump Firing?

Sunday - Night - Shooter - Bullets - Trick

Sunday night’s shooter was able to launch as many bullets as he did because of a trick called bump firing. Bump firing is to semi-automatic shooting as Olympic luge is to a plastic saucer sled. To bump fire, the shooter braces the gun against his hand rather than his shoulder. Then he pushes the gun into his trigger finger to fire. This allows the recoil of the shot to move the entire gun, including the trigger, against the finger of the shooter. This imitates the rapid firing of an automatic weapon. This guy explains and demonstrates:

The unbraced rapid firing means a big loss in accuracy. So why is this even a thing? Because it’s fun to shoot fast. It’s a range trick with range toys; nothing more. Accuracy can be somewhat improved with a bump stock. The stock mechanizes the bumping action so the shooter can brace the weapon against his shoulder like usual. Here’s an AR-15 tricked out with a bump stock:

Stocks - Legal

Why Are Bump Stocks Legal?

Briefly, because they don’t make a gun fully automatic.

Gun - Hammer - Place - Sear - Trigger

When a semiautomatic gun is ready to fire, the hammer is cocked and held in place by the sear. Pulling the trigger releases the sear, allowing the hammer to fall, igniting the cartridge. Some of the energy of the shot is used to push the bolt to the rear, which **** the hammer once more. The sear catches the hammer and holds it cocked. To fire again, the trigger must be released for it to reset so it can be pulled again.

When a fully automatic gun is ready to fire, the hammer is also held back by the sear. When the...
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