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The world thinks we accept Church teaching the way some people stand for the national anthem at the beginning of a baseball game, but they miss the point.

But why didn’t he want to watch porn and ****, his therapist asked him. Because the Church says not to, he said. She pressed him not to fall back on Church teaching but to say what he thought about it. He didn’t want to. In an admirably honest article, the young lawyer Chris Damian explains how he came to see more clearly why he did what the Church tells him to.

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His therapist was telling him: Don’t give me the Church’s official answer, give me your personal answer. He reacted to that, for understandable reasons. He used to think people said that “when they thought that the Church’s teaching wouldn’t hold up when confronted with a real human life. I used to think that people asked that question when they thought you didn’t really believe, but were just parroting something you didn’t actually understand.”

Pushed by his therapist, Damian saw he needed to understand the hope that is in him. “The defensiveness, and the constant references to catechism paragraphs and the magisterium, revealed how much the hope was not mine,” he says. “A faith interiorized is a faith that becomes so personal that the reason comes from a life distilled within, rather than a few paragraphs read from without. … The more it looks like the catechism, the less likely it is to come from me.”

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The therapist pushed Damian the way a therapist should. But her assumption, that’s a problem, even if her pressing the point worked out well for him. The worldly do think Catholic belief something alien, imposed, second-hand. That it’s more like shaking a stranger’s hand at a social event than signing...
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