Someone tarred and feathered the Jefferson Davis memorial in Arizona, because it's briefly socially acceptable to do so | 8/18/2017 | Dan Calabrese
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Let’s talk a little bit about human behavior. Some people try to do the right thing because their hearts incline to what’s good, and because it’s important to them to act responsibly. It’s a principle they embrace internally. Even if they could get away with doing what’s wrong, they wouldn’t, because they value their own integrity and respect not only the rights of others, but also the basic limits and boundaries that help to keep this a civilized society.

Or they do what’s right because they love God, and don’t want to grieve Him.

People - Behavior - Bounds - Time - Reason

Then there are other people. They keep their behavior within acceptable bounds most of the time, but the main reason they do so is that it’s not socially acceptable to do otherwise. It’s like when George asks Jerry if he’s going to pursue a relationship with a married woman, and Jerry says he’s not.

“Because of society?” George asks.

Time - Things - Risk

Most of the time you can’t get away with some of the things you’d really like to do. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t really like to do them. You just figure it won’t go well for you if you do, so it’s not worth the risk.

Then come those occasions when it seems like the societal bounds of behavior have broken down, and if only for a short time, what is normally unacceptable suddenly becomes acceptable, or at least you have a window of opportunity to do it and get away with it. Normally you can’t loot a store or burn a police car, but during a riot you can. Are you the type of person who wouldn’t do these things under any circumstances because of your moral code? Or do you go for it when the window of opportunity presents itself?


That brings us to today.

Normally it’s unacceptable to destroy or...
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