Social Security Requires A Bailout That's 60x Greater Than The 2008 Emergency Bank Handout | 8/11/2017 | Staff
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A few weeks ago the Board of Trustees of Social Security sent a formal letter to the United States Senate and House of Representatives to issue a dire warning: Social Security is running out of money.

… and that every newspaper in the country would have reprinted this ominous projection out of a basic journalistic duty to keep the public informed about an issue that will affect nearly everyone.

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But that didn’t happen.

The story was hardly picked up.

Attention - Issue - Crises - US - History

It’s astonishing how little attention this issue receives considering it will end up being one of the biggest financial crises in US history.

That’s not hyperbole either– the numbers are very clear.

US - Government - Social - Security - Shortfall

The US government itself calculates that the long-term Social Security shortfall exceeds $46 TRILLION.

In other words, in order to be able to pay the benefits they’ve promised, Social Security needs a $46 trillion bailout.

Fat - Chance

Fat chance.

That amount is over TWICE the national debt, and nearly THREE times the size of the entire US economy.

SIXTY - Size - Bailout - Banking - System

Moreover, it’s nearly SIXTY times the size of the bailout that the banking system received back in 2008.

So this is a pretty big deal.

Social - Security - Trustees - Fund - Money

More importantly, even though the Social Security Trustees acknowledge that the fund is running out of money, their projections are still wildly optimistic.

In order to build their long-term financial models, Social Security’s administrators have to make certain assumptions about the future.

Interest - Rates - Future

What will interest rates be in the future?

What will the population growth rate be?

Low - Inflation

How high (or low) will inflation be?

These variables can dramatically impact the outcome for Social Security.

Example - Social - Security

For example, Social Security...
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