The Letters To The Seven Churches

Recently I wrote about the hermeneutical principle of trusting what the Bible plainly says - in other words, a literal interpretation of Scripture and letting Scripture interpret Scripture. It is my belief that if Christians adhered to this principle there would be few if any divisions in the Church. Approaching Scripture with a certain humility is also important. We should tremble at God's Word, not act as though we are the masters of it. Don't assume you've figured it all out because none of us have. The strongest evidence I see demonstrating that someone knows the Scriptures inside and out is that they can clearly articulate the Gospel of Grace, are producing good works, and are exercising the fruits of the Spirit (especially love, gentleness, and self-control). Their ego diminishes with time as their life is poured out like a drink offering (John 3:30, Philippians 2:17).

Yet often I encounter Christians who are haughty and convinced of their own superior understanding. Their speech is argumentative, provoking, and hateful and whether intentionally or not, they sow discord, create fear and mistrust, and cause people to abandon their hope.

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With this in mind, I wanted to address a few interpretive problems that are cropping up lately in regards to the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia (Revelation 2-3) and how trusting what the Bible plainly says can solve them, or, at the very least, bring us to a deeper understanding of the message God was trying to convey.

There is a common thread of interpretation regarding Jesus' letters to these seven churches (Revelation 2-3) among those Christians who reject or doubt the Gospel. They use the passage's focus on deeds to call into question the Gospel itself, or, they say that this passage has no applicability to the Church (a sort of hyper-dispensationalism). There...
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