Al Gore: Fighting global warming is just like abolishing slavery | 7/17/2017 | Dan Calabrese
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Not just that, either. He seems to think that fighting global warming is the moral equivalent of every historic effort to deliver justice to people who had been denied it. People who were denied the right to vote? Or to be considered full citizens? Or even to be free persons? None of their struggles are any more worthy than this one, :

The climate movement , not least in cities, is right now in the tradition of all the great moral causes that have improved the circumstances of humanity throughout our history. The abolition of slavery. Women’s suffrage and women’s rights. The civil rights movement and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. The late Nelson Mandela said it was always impossible until it was done. The movement to stop the toxic phase of the nuclear arms race and more recently the gay rights movement. Some of you may disagree with that. I don’t. I did earlier in my life. But all of these movements have one thing in common. They all have met with ferocious resistance and have generated occasional feelings of despair from those who knew the right direction and wondered whether we could ever get there. The late Martin Luther King Jr once said to a supporter in the bleakest hours who asked, How long is this going to take? He replied, How long? Not long. Because no lie can live forever. Because the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice. How long? Not long. The late economist Rudy Dornbusch said things take longer than you think but then they happen much faster than you believed they could.

Inflexion - Point - Leadership - Cities - Years

That’s the inflexion point we are now at but it requires leadership from cities and remember that years from now, there will be a future generation that...
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