Boats, Bowling and Moldy Bread: Curious Achievements Ancient Egypt Shared With the World

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Ancient Egypt is one on the oldest civilizations in the world and it was also home to many of the ancient world’s greatest achievements. Without their creativity and innovative approach to the world, academics, technology, transport, art, medicine, and even leisure activities wouldn’t be the same today.

Egypt has produced numerous major developments in the areas of knowledge, ingenuity, economy, and culture throughout its long history. It could be called the birthplace of science, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving originated there. Under Greek rule, the famous Library at Alexandria was a magnet for scholars until its destruction. Egypt also hosted two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Lighthouse at Alexandria and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Of all the Ancient Wonders, the Great Pyramid is the only monument to survive in such a remarkable state. It also remains the largest man-made stone structure known to date.

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The life-giving Nile, the longest river on Earth, runs through Egypt. Each year it flooded, depositing fresh and fertile soil along its banks. Peasant farmers, which comprised the majority of the ancient Egyptian population, worked the land, formed irrigation canals leading from the Nile, and raised various staple crops. The ancient Egyptians were most likely the first people to make bread, a food which became integrated into their daily diet.

Common Tools or Ancient Advanced Technology? How Did the Egyptians Bore Through Granite?

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There is also a significant amount of evidence suggesting that the plow was first used in Egypt. Ancient Egyptian art displaying men with early versions of the implement being drawn by oxen are plentiful. The invention spread, and the powerful plow has assisted generations of tillers of earth around the world. This technology allowed farmers to “quickly” prepare their fields each year for a healthy crop to feed their families...
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