Ripples in Space-Time! Gravitational-Wave Experiment Detects 3rd Black Hole Merger | 6/1/2017 | Staff
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It's not a fluke: For the third time, scientists have detected ripples in space-time caused when two black holes circle each other at mind-bending speeds and collide.

The LIGO gravitational-wave detector spotted the so-called gravitational waves on Jan. 4, members of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced today (June 1).

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If this news sounds familiar, it's because this is the third black-hole collision that LIGO has detected in less than two years. These three consecutive discoveries signal to astrophysicists that mergers between black holes in this mass range are so common in the universe that LIGO may detect as many as one per day when the experiment begins operating at its full sensitivity, members of the collaboration said during a news teleconference yesterday (May 31). [How to See Space-Time Stretch - LIGO | Video]

NASA’s space shuttle Endeavor touched down safely for the final time at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida after spending 299 days in space throughout the course of its 25 flights. Endeavour was originally built as a replacement for the shuttle Challenger, which was lost in the 1986 accident that also killed its seven-astronaut crew. Congress authorized the construction of Endeavour in 1987, and the orbiter first blasted off in 1992. Its final launch happened on May 16, 2011, with a six-member crew. Their mission was to deliver the Express Logistics Carrier-3 and Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the International Space Station. The Endeavour had many successful missions during its run, one of the most famous being creating the ISS. The mission took the American’s Unity node, or the passageway that connects the working and living modules, to space and joined it to the Russian Zarya module, which was already in orbit. This attachment led to it becoming an international space station. Currently, Endeavour sits in the California Science Center...
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