The Best Cinematic Needledrops and Song Choices of 2019

/Film | 1/24/2020 | Kristen Lopez
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Since the dawn of film, music has always been an essential component. A director’s use of a particular song can become synonymous with a scene and bring an added layer of emotion. The use of music in 2019 was no exception and it was hard narrowing this list down to just ten. The movies here used music, either as needle drops or performed, to give audiences insight into the narrative or their character.

Like many films to be discussed on this list, there were numerous songs I could have borrowed from Booksmart (sorry, Alanis Morrisette!). In the end, I went with a moment that was a perfect union between the song and the emotions of the characters. Perfume Genius’ “Slip Away” comes about as Kaitlyn Deaver’s Amy takes the plunge (literally and metaphorically) into a swimming pool inspired by her crush Ryan (Victoria Ruesga). As Amy swims silently amongst the bodies of her peers, the song’s momentum touches on her emotions. Throughout the four years of high school she, herself, has slipped away and through the cracks without anyone knowing the real her. The song’s momentum perfectly dovetails with her happiness at being included and embrace who she is. Sure, the moment is ruined with the realization that Ryan is into someone else, but it’s a sequence of true freedom.

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The numerous uses of “Shake It Off” aren’t presented as needle drops, per se, but they are a key element of this comedy involving a group of kindergartners trapped in a petting zoo during a zombie invasion. As little Felix (Diesel La Torraca) tells his uncle, Dave (Alexander England), Felix’s teacher Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o) is known to sing Taylor Swift to her students. For Dave, this is sheer torture, as he has to hear “Shake It Off” on the way...
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