Dying of Whiteness

Cranach | 1/24/2020 | Staff
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The critical theory of racial identity politics has come for the medical profession.

The prestigious British medical journal The Lancet has published a positive book review of Jonathan Metzl’s book Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland.

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It associates the health problems of America’s white working class–opioid addiction, alcoholism, liver disease, heart problems, and suicide–with gun ownership, racism, and right wing politics. It then ties them all together into a diagnosis of “whiteness.”

The review in Lancet, by Rhea W. Boyd, entitled Despair Doesn’t Kill, Defending Whiteness Does, seems to take the idea even further:

Humans - Whiteness - Access - Privilege - Scarcity

For humans to use whiteness to manufacture access and privilege, they must engineer scarcity and loss. This entanglement between access and scarcity, privilege and loss, means white people’s unearned advantages have always been tethered to a legacy of untold deaths. This is not the result of an emotional positioning, but a structural one. In Dying of Whiteness, Metzl intricately outlines this structural framework but too often anchors it to an emotional foundation his analysis both critiques and depends on. This is perhaps why his conclusion is to “Promote more healthy and self-reflective frameworks…of structural whiteness” when the only solution is to eliminate whiteness all together.

Eliminate whiteness all together? You mean, as in genocide?

Notion - Whiteness - Disease - Claims - People

The notion that whiteness is a disease would seem to go against the claims that white people are “privileged.” If poor Southerners–the focus of the study–are so plagued by disease and “despair,” how are they privileged? If race is at the root of their problems, why aren’t affluent middle class white progressives, such as most of the readers of Lancet, also afflicted in the same...
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