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ChurchMag | 1/24/2020 | Allison Dye
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What’s your number? . @ajabarber once shared this idea of having a number, an income that would allow for you to live well without exploiting others, and since she said that I realized we’ve all been sold this idea that more is better, so we keep striving for more, but more for the sake of more isn’t better. The goal isn’t more. . There are a bit over 2600 billionaires (in US $) in the world. A quarter of them are in the US, 58% of them are between North America and Europe. 87% are males. We all know these statistics do not point at the superior ingenuity, hard work, or ethical behavior of people in these categories. We know women and people in the global south have been oppressed for centuries. That alone makes billionaires unethical, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. . You can’t hoard that much money without exploiting others, without harming people. Look a bit further into how billionaires have made their money and you’ll find humans exploited. Always. The reality is that none of us need even 1 billion dollars. Do the exercise: try paying all your bills, taking 2 vacations a year, setting up a helpful trust for your kids, buying a house big enough for all your needs, buying a car, signing up for a couple classes you’d enjoy, and see how you aren’t even close to a billion dollars a year. Hoarding money you don’t need while 1.3 billion people live under the poverty line, and 50% of the world population lives on less than $5.50 a day is not only unethical but also repulsive. Wishing to be a billionaire is also wishing to be an oppressor. . So what’s your number? How much do you need a year to ensure you live well. You have enough to have a safe roof over your head, enough for food and bills, enough for leisurely activities, enough to save some for your kids and/or other family members, enough to have your medical needs taken care of, enough to enjoy life, enough to share with others. What’s your number? Mine isn’t even close to a million, let alone a billion! The truth is that if we don’t have a number, we’ll swim in the water they gave us and continue craving more and more, even when that rots our soul.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A Snack Pack a week doesn’t keep the doctor away but I hope it makes your week better in some way.

Portraits of Venezuelan Families Reframe the Harrowing Journey of Immigrants and I really, really love them.

Easter - Church - Easter - Ideas - Church

Easter is coming up so here are some Church Easter Ideas which could possibly help you out as you and your church begin planning for it. Also, Easter is Sunday, April 12th this year.

I have a lot of gamers in my life and so when I saw this article I thought it might be interesting for all you gamers out there: THE 30 GAMES WE CAN’T WAIT...
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