Dear Democrats: Four religion requests from non-religious Americans

Religion News Service | 12/13/2019 | Hemant Mehta
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(RNS) — On a recent Monday night in Iowa City, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked at a town hall if she had a plan "for protecting the rights of atheists and other non-believers."

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The Democratic presidential candidate who frequently boasts about having "a plan for that" sidestepped the question entirely.

While briefly acknowledging laws protecting freedom of religion, including the right not to worship at all, Warren didn't explain how her candidacy would protect non-religious Americans. It wasn't even clear that she knew what our concerns were.

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Warren is hardly alone in failing to articulate what her presidency would do specifically for the ever-growing number of non-religious Americans. But considering that roughly a third of Democratic voters are not affiliated with any organized religion, this is a major gap in the platforms of not only Warren but all the major Democratic presidential candidates, even among those who have hired religious outreach directors.

A better response from Warren would have mentioned at least a few major issues that affect our community. While these are by no means the only matters of concern for us, taking them seriously would show some respect to what is rapidly becoming the largest "religious" group in the country. Importantly, doing so would not deprive religious citizens of their voice, much less their rights.

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Here are some of the most pressing requests on the minds of non-religious Americans:

Make sure taxpayers aren't funding religious dogma. Presidents from both parties have allowed federal money to go to faith-based groups that discriminate in hiring. The current administration has gone beyond that, pushing the idea that religious institutions themselves deserve to be rewarded with taxpayer money — and promoting federal judges who hold that belief.

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Consider how the current administration is dealing with a major church/state separation case that will soon be in front of the...
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