How to Play GameCube Games on Your Wii U With Nintendont

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Nintendo consoles always seem to leave a lasting impression on their fans. And the GameCube is no exception. However, while the Wii featured backwards-compatibility, the Wii U did not.

Which is where Nintendont comes in. Nintendont being Homebrew software that restores backwards compatibility for GameCube games to your Wii U, and adds additional features to boot.

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Here’s how to play GameCube games on your Wii U with Nintendont.

What Is Nintendont?

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Nintendont isn’t an emulator, because it doesn’t need to emulate the GameCube’s hardware. When Nintendo ditched GameCube support on the Wii U, they effectively flipped a virtual switch to turn the feature off.

Nintendont turns that switch back on again, allowing you to run GameCube natively at full speed. This exploit is possible as the “final” firmware used on the original Wii and in vWii mode on the Wii U is susceptible to tampering.

Homebrew - Channel - Sorts - Applications - Wii

By installing the Homebrew Channel, it’s possible to install and run all sorts of additional applications on your Wii, inluding these great emulators to run on your Wii.

30+ Great Emulators You Can Run on Your Nintendo Wii

Emulators - Video - Game - Nintendo - Wii

With these emulators, you can play virtually any retro video game on the Nintendo Wii. Here are the best emulators on the Wii.

Nintendont is a bootloader for GameCube games. The only difference is that the Wii U cannot play the original GameCube discs. As a result, you’ll need to resort to disc images.

Install - Nintendont - Your - Wii - U

Do You Need to Install Nintendont on Your Wii U?

Nintendont is an excellent option for Nintendo Wii U owners. The platform’s comparatively limited library is instantly bolstered by an additional 600-plus titles. That’s a massive advantage that adds to the existing Wii U titles and most of the Wii library.

Nintendont - Features - Wii - U

Nintendont also brings some useful new features to the Wii U:

Nintendont can also be installed on the Nintendo Wii, which allows you to...
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