The Clock Tower: This Week, the Arrowverse Was Full of Lying Liars Who Lie

/Film | 11/22/2019 | Amelia Emberwing
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Hi Super Friends! We are literally sprinting toward Crisis on Infinite Earths at this point. For those who might not have noticed, Thanksgiving is right around the bend. Once that’s over, you’ve got a week off and then everything’s going down in ye olde Arrowverse! Here’s a look at where we sit this week.

Y’all. So much lying this week. There have to have been sociopaths who were worse liars than Batwoman’s Sophie Moore. Girl’s out here looking her husband, her ex, the girl she’s meant to protect and probably her neighbor’s cat directly in their eyes and lying to them like it’s nothing. This week’s episode does make the character a bit more sympathetic, but having her tell her husband that she’s in love with him after the whole Kate situation was yuck city. Currently very much off Team Sophie.

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Perhaps it’s because we’ve been able to spend much more time with her, but Supergirl’s Lena Luthor is a different story. Girl’s definitely got some sociopath vibes of her own going, and with the malicious intent to boot, but it’s much more interesting for the character not to go down the same path the rest of her family has. When she’s caught stealing Myriad (the mind control device created by Kara’s aunt, Astra, to control the people of Earth), Lena immediately comes clean. There’s no pain or remorse. She’s long put those emotions to bed while on her quest to stop humanity from torturing each other.

The lack of pain or remorse doesn’t mean that her speech isn’t without power, though. She reminded her former best friend that she hadn’t wanted any friends when she came to this city, but her walls were chipped away by Kara’s earnesty and warmth. Lena shared her experiences and her trauma, practically begging...
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