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Main points:

Only Scripture is infallible.

Truth - Leadership

Truth is more powerful than human leadership.

“Our” sources aren’t always right.


“Their” sources aren’t always wrong.

We should seek genuine understanding, even of what we reject.

Midst - Controversy - Problems - Problems - Problems

In the midst of controversy, it’s often hard to tell what problems have been created and what problems have merely been revealed. Whatever we might say about problems the election and impeachment of Donald Trump has created, it has certainly revealed some!

One of the most serious Trump-revealed problems is that many Christians who claim to revere the Bible lack truly biblical habits for evaluating truth claims. As a result, they also aren’t very good at judging the ethics of situations that aren’t directly addressed in Scripture. This is important, not only from the perspective of citizenship and voting, but for Christian living in general: we face conflicting truth claims about all sorts of things every day.

Preaching - Ministries - Opportunity - Problem - View

Those of us who are involved in preaching and teaching ministries have an opportunity to help with this problem. We should teach a genuinely Christian (biblical) view of truth and how to evaluate truth claims. That view includes five principles.

Principle 1: Only Scripture is infallible.

Christians - God - Subject - Reality - Truth

Christians understand that God is completely reliable on the subject of reality, which is what I mean here by “truth”—what actually is.

God, who cannot lie (Titus 1:2).

God - Word - Truth

It follows that God’s word is completely reliable in all that it represents as truth.

By contrast, human beings are extremely unreliable as sources of truth, not only because we’re deceitful creatures (Jer. 17:9, John 8:44) but because we’re so often wrong even in what we genuinely believe to be true.

Habits - Truth - Claims - Source

How should this shape our habits? It should lead us to view all truth claims as suspect, regardless of how much we want them to be true or are afraid that they’re true—or how much we like the source.

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