‘Star Wars Resistance’ Review: The Presence of The Force Grows in “The Relic Raiders”

/Film | 11/17/2019 | Caroline Cao
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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Review: The Presence of The Force Grows in “The Relic Raiders”

“The Relic Raiders” is the first Star Wars Resistance episode to directly engage in the Force. For the majority of Resistance, the Force itself has been virtually non-existent as an explicit presence, despite exploration of its vacated worship sites and references to practitioners like the Knight of Ren and Jedi. The closest the Force came to an appearance was on par with a guest star in the breezy slice-of-life episode, “Bibo,” where the siblings Kel (Antony Del Rio) and Eila (Nikki SooHoo), orphaned by Kylo Ren, exhibit symptoms of being Force-sensitive by expressing vague dreams that come true. And the two kids’ suggested Force-sensitivity is more of a developing matter here.

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It takes a crummy set-up to get to the juicy parts in “Relic Raiders.” Kaz (Christopher Sean), Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco), and Freya (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) are heading to a trading outpost for a supply run. Thirsting for open air, Eila and Kel persuade Kaz to let them tag along in his shuttle. Assuming it would be a low-stakes supply run, he allows them. But things go horribly wrong when the children wander into a mysterious temple and dash toward a cry of help from a stranger. But Kaz, ever so clunky, keeps stepping on traps, and he eventually gets stuck in a trap-pit with a cranky explorer.

This episode improves a shortcoming I had with “The Core Problem” where Kaz and Poe Dameron visit a wondrous temple, but for an intricately designed set piece, there was little to no breathing space or atmosphere to drink in the mystique that would become plot-relevant. Here, “Relic Raiders” imbues gravitas to the scenery to daunting—and humorous—means. Kaz also holds to this Han Solo attitude, “Never believed in that stuff [the...
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