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As we are seeing it played out in the Society of Jesus, social reform cannot be separated from the proclamation of the gospel.

Last week in Rome there was a full-on all-stops-pulled celebration of the Jesuits, organized by the Jesuits. Both Pope Francis and Father Arturo Sosa, the superior general, took part.

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It was a clarifying moment for those who might wonder at the various curiosities offered by the Society of Jesus in these past years under the first Jesuit pope.

Consider Father Sosa himself, who apparently denies two key doctrines of the faith: the historical accuracy of the gospels and the personal existence of the devil.

Father - Antonio - Spadaro - Editor - La

There is Father Antonio Spadaro, editor of La Civiltà Cattolica, and unofficial spokesman for the Holy Father. He accuses U.S. Christians of practicing an “ecumenism of hate” and is himself famous for asserting that in theology “2 plus 2 can equal 5,” a rather remarkable undoing of the reasonableness of the faith.

Then there is Father James Martin, the highest-profile Jesuit in the United States, whose efforts to “build a bridge” to the gay community have led him to reject the language, if not the teaching, of the Catechism.

Relation - Movie - Silence - Idea - Jesus

In relation to the movie Silence he proposed the idea that Jesus may positively want his disciples, facing persecution, to deny him and collaborate with the persecutors of the Church — a rather novel commentary on the history of martyrdom.

What is more remarkable still is that no one is really surprised by any of this. The father general of the Jesuits denies the historicity of the gospels? Doesn’t believe that the devil exists? No big deal. He and the Holy Father, who certainly does believe that the devil exists, happily celebrate together the greatness of the Jesuits.

Greatness - Week - Anniversary - Secretariat

The particular greatness being celebrated last week was the 50th anniversary of the Secretariat...
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