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I believe that perhaps I should start with the least controversial part of my thesis here today, which is that a good deal of what we see around us in today’s culture is the result of a vast conspiracy calculated to make it possible for beta males to get laid. Thus far we agree? Perhaps I will return to this point later.

Character or Personality?

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Let us begin with the observation that in the short term character costs and personality pays. But nevertheless both have a way of winding up in leadership positions somehow. Character is the slow and old school way of approaching it, the approach which pays its dues, while personality simpers its way to the top, shucking and jiving as it goes, glad-handing, sandpapering the hard edges, and of course networking.

In short, character climbs while personality floats. While every society gets the leadership it deserves—a thought which should be chilling to every loyal American who contemplates the current impeachment proceedings—the means for getting the leadership it deserves varies from one culture to another. Every society rewards certain behaviors and penalizes others. In our day, we are rewarding the floaters and penalizing the climbers.

America - Leaders - Character - Leaders - Personalities

Just as America has turned away from leaders through character, and toward leaders with personalities, so also has the evangelical church done the same thing. Far from providing a true spiritual counterculture, we have adopted the demented view that there isn’t anything the world can do that will not result in an evangelical knock-off. The deep driver of this is our imitation of the personality ethic instead of the character ethic. The personality ethic is all flash and show, and so everything has got to be on the surface. And if everything is on the surface, we cannot be shocked and dismayed at the superficial consequences.

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