Is A Peaceful Transition of Power Still Possible? | 11/10/2019 | Fredy Lowe
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And, a related question of equal importance: Can the governance of the United States of America still be considered a Constitutional Republic? Keep in mind as you consider this question when John Adams suggested: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” And then, think no further for your answer than the legalized infanticide of new born babies while killing millions still in the womb.

While most of us were busy working, raising families, and placing our trust in our elected representatives to act accordingly and on behalf of their constituents, unbeknown to many, there has been an ongoing fundamental transformation of America, passing through the stages of socialism at lightning speed where today’s direction is totalitarianism, aka communism that may soon govern over the Land of Lincoln. And, please don’t think that this ‘transformation’ began in 2008 based on a usurper’s scripted campaign comment. The Deep State’s dogged determination to take away and destroy our freedoms has been going on for well over a hundred years. We’re just watching their end game play out in front of us, that is, if we let them.

Democrats - Republicans - Mitt - Romney - Propaganda

As most know, it is not only democrats, but many republicans like Mitt Romney, with their propaganda arms in the media, who are total hypocrites. They are well-versed in the satanic-theories of Saul Alinsky, accusing the enemy (President Trump) of what they are actually doing. News flash! Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s extorting money from the Ukrainians is but a small token of many countries where the pay-to-play-collusion is not a request, but demanded, in order to receive aid, trade and/or other interactions with members of the US Congress.

These are dangerous times we live in, since it has become obvious that many of...
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