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Irreverin | 11/11/2019 | Staff
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My Girl Child was melting down. It was 8am, the Wednesday after a 4-day weekend. Predictably, with so many days off school we had lost a piece of paper. One she was supposed to have signed by a parent and return to school. I’d signed it on Friday. But you know, that was 5 days ago. Things happen.

Hence, the meltdown. The missing parent signature meant she would “lose a point” today. Losing a point doesn’t mean losing recess or other privileges; and it doesn’t hurt her grade. It’s just a point, based on behavior and generally having your act together, and my kid is THAT KID who gets a full 5 points literally every day. This was a humiliation she could not abide, and she was not just losing a point–she was royally losing her ****.

Work - Responsibility - Paper - Day - Times

I appreciate her work ethic and responsibility, but this was nuts. As she was freaking out and I was looking for the paper, I kept telling her this: “you do not have to be perfect every day.” And after I said it out loud about 3 times, I asked myself, where does the GET this?

And before I articulated the thought entirely, I looked in the mirror.

Makeup - Bottle - Stay - Perfect - Rabbit

I just bought makeup that literally says on the bottle “Stay Perfect.” From there, I went down a rabbit hole.

I don’t just buy the bottle, I wear it. (Shifting to metaphor now, stick with me). I drink it. I carry it with me to the gym, and if I’m being real, into every little corner of my life. I channel that same angst, looking for perfection in myself. How might I subliminally transmit that expectation to my daughter? Actually–if we’re being really real– to my son as well. Especially when it comes to anything academic, anything less than 100%...
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