Grey's Anatomy Recap: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Scalpel — Plus, [Spoiler] Is Moving to Pac-North!

TVLine | 10/17/2019 | Charlie Mason
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We knew from last week’s Grey’s Anatomy that the article that Meredith was writing wasn’t going to win her any friends on the medical board — not with possible titles like “If You Die On Our Watch, We’ll Still Bankrupt Your Family.” But neither we nor she could have guessed at the way her story ideas would be twisted into “Hospital **** at Grey Sloan Memorial.” Read on, and we’ll not only discuss just how hard Bailey hit the roof when she read the pieced-together piece, we’ll reveal who dared to challenge “chief of chiefs” Tom, and who was courted to jump ship from Grey Sloan to Pac-North.

‘BAILEY’S GOING TO KILL ME!’ | As “It’s Raining Men” began (and without even a riff of the Weather Girls’ classic to start us off), Mer’s sexy morning bedtime with DeLuca was interrupted by Amelia and Maggie, who revealed what the website to which she’d submitted her story ideas had done with them. To put it mildly, it wasn’t pretty. At Grey Sloan, Jackson informed Vic that the article included a list, which seemed to, as Helm put it, “torch” the hospital, and Owen informed Bailey that he was out until Tom’s restraining order was lifted. The first that the chief heard about Grey’s story was when a patient panicked and refused to be admitted. In the locker room, we learned that Dahlia had gotten a job in Michigan. So no transfer to Pac-North for her, I guess. Speaking of Pac-North, Alex learned that a psych patient had been found before he had wound up passing himself off as a doctor. So… yay? Back at Grey Sloan, Bailey didn’t want to hear from DeLuca that Mer had been as surprised as she was by what had been done with the information she provided...
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