Why Do Democrats Keep Running the Same Play?

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 10/9/2019 | George Prayias
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RUSH: This is Ed in Pittsburgh. It’s great to have you, Ed. Hi. Glad you called.

CALLER: Dittos from Pittsburgh, Rush. Hey, Rush, like most Americans, to get my news, I would turn on my national and local news stories and the programs the last several years, and I would just really find myself leaving these newscasts, I’d be angry because of the bent and the bias that was reporting.

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So I finally said to myself a few weeks ago, I said, “You know, I’ve had enough.” I’m not watching these programs anymore, all of them, Rush, all of them, the local and the national news. I’m gonna get my news from Rush. I’ve been listening to you for 20 years and I said to myself I’m gonna start listening to Rush more and more and paying close attention between 12 and three, and you know what, Rush? It’s really helped my whole demeanor. I feel much better ’cause I know from you I’m not only getting the news, but I’m getting the truth.

RUSH: You know, I appreciate that, but that is an important point, and I hate to use this word here because it has some connotations I don’t intend. But you can have your psychology fouled up if all you do is watch what we call mainstream media. It is so anti-everything we believe in. It’s so untrue, it’s so exaggerated.

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We’re watching the Democrat Party on TV is what the news has become. But that’s not what they say they are. They’re still lying about being objective. This is the news of the day, but really all it is is the advancement of the Democrat agenda. And you watch that, and there’s never any equal time, there’s never any contravailing opinion. You’re just smothered with it.

And you almost can’t help...
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